The Haymarket Foundation General Practice

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The Haymarket Foundation General Practice

The Haymarket Foundation’s General Practice specialises in the health needs of people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness. It provides bulk-bill services through Medicare with no out of pocket expenses for patients.

The service specialises in chronic care management, including mental health, drug and alcohol, supporting patients to end their homelessness through providing DCJ Housing Medical Assessments and other issues. Staff ensure that patients are treated with dignity and respect.

Patients can have a consultation either in person or using telehealth.  In-person consultations take place at the surgery on-site at the Haymarket Foundation’s crisis accommodation facility in Chippendale.

A multidisciplinary service that will also offer walk-in consultations is also currently being established just near Central Station which we hope to open in 2023.

The Haymarket Foundation General Practice will also work towards ending homelessness, by supporting patients to navigate systems which are often inter-related: the housing and health systems. Medical assessments will be easily provided to case managers to help secure social housing, and support can be provided to secure NDIS packages.

Service details

The Haymarket General Practice is not operating at the moment. If you require a GP, please visit your local bulk-billing medical practice. If the matter is urgent, please call 000.