ABC Radio features Haymarket’s homeless crisis accommodation

April 23, 2020

ABC Radio has aired a program featuring how clients and staff at the Haymarket Centre are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reporter Hagar Cohen from Background Briefing followed a number of clients as they were moved into a nearby hotel.

Before they arrived at the Haymarket, many of these clients spent years either sleeping rough or experiencing other types of homelessness.

She also interviewed the Manager of Homelessness Programs and Clinical Lead, Grace Rullis (pictured above), plus senior case managers Deborah Jurd (at left, below) and Dinsel Davies.

The team explained how they will continue to work with the 15 clients in the hotel, while keeping the crisis accommodation facility at Chippendale open 24 hours a day.

Eight of the most vulnerable clients remain at the Centre for around the clock care.

The change is part of the State Government’s $34 million initiative to help prevent homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of that money has been earmarked for emergency accommodation to allow people to self-isolate.

The hotels are being provided to hundreds of people including rough sleepers and people in crisis accommodation like the Haymarket, to help improve social distancing.

The program is live online now and first aired on Radio National at 8am on Sunday 26 April.