Neuropsychological Assessments


Over the years,  The Haymarket Foundation and Advanced Neuropsychological Treatment Services (ANTS) successfully launched a service offering free neuropsychological assessments for individuals experiencing complex homelessness. These assessments have proven to be invaluable in understanding the needs of this vulnerable population and have paved the way for appropriate supports.

Funded for many years by Maddocks and more recently by Colliers Charitable Trust and City of Sydney as well as other generous supporters along the way, the service ran until the end of 2023, making significant strides in helping individuals access long-term housing with the necessary supports. Furthermore, through collaborative research with Macquarie University, we aim to identify the neuropsychological profile of people experiencing complex homelessness, informing future housing and support pathways.

As of now, due to limited funding, we are no longer able to offer these essential assessments. However, we recognize the vital role they play in supporting individuals experiencing homelessness on their journey to stability and independence.

We are actively seeking additional funding opportunities to continue and expand this critical service. The impact of these assessments cannot be overstated, and with further support, we aspire to reach more individuals in need.