Our board

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Our board

The Haymarket Foundation’s board leads the organisation’s strategic planning activities, oversees the credentialing of healthcare practitioners, and provides governance and oversight over our operations.

The Haymarket Foundation’s constitution requires the appointment of between three and ten directors who bring with them a broad range of skills, experience and expertise.  Our board volunteer their time to further the mission of the Haymarket Foundation, and receive no payment for fulfilling their duties as directors.

The role of our board is outlined in our constitution: The Haymarket Foundation- Constitution

The Hon. Kevin R. Rozzoli (AM)Chairman
Date appointed:25th May, 1976
Qualifications and experience:The Hon Kevin Rozzoli (AM) is a founding Director of the Haymarket Foundation and has worked in the role of Chairman for the past 30 years.  Mr Rozzoli holds a Diploma of Laws and was a member of the NSW Legislative assembly from 1973 to 2003, serving in the role of Speaker of the Parliament from 1988 to 1995.  Kevin is a tireless advocate for socially and economically disadvantaged members of the community, and also sits as a board member of the NSW Law and Justice Foundation as well as the NSW Public Interest Advocacy Centre.
Mr Richard BoyerDeputy Chairman
Date appointed:17th October, 2011
Qualifications and experience:Richard Boyer has been a Director of the Haymarket Foundation for the past six years.  Mr Boyer holds a degree in Economics and Computer Sciences from the University of Canberra, and was a senior executive in the financial services sector specialising in strategy, technology and service management.  Since retirement, Richard has committed his time to supporting community and environmental causes as well as managing farming enterprises in South Australia.
Mr Peter ValpianiCompany Secretary
Date appointed:9th October 2017
Qualifications and experience:Peter Valpiani was appointed as a Director and Company Secretary of the Haymarket Foundation in October 2017. Mr Valpiani is an MBA Candidate at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, holds a degree in Communications from Griffith University, as well as professional qualifications in Project and Change Management.  Peter is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Haymarket Foundation, and has spent his career working in the Homelessness and Not for Profit Sector.
Mr Jeff SmithDirector
Date appointed:18th May 2016
Qualifications and experience:Jeff Smith has been a Director of the Haymarket Foundation for the past two years.  Mr Smith is a solicitor and holds a Master of Laws from Sydney University and a Bachelor of Arts/Law from Macquarie University.  Jeff works as a senior consultant at Westwood Spice, a purpose based consultancy firm where he specialises in governance, sustainability, and environmental law.  He is a passionate supporter of social justice, having sat on the boards of the Total Environment Centre, the Environmental Planning and Law Association and Community Legal Centres NSW.
Ms Patricia BrambleDirector
Date appointed:15th September 2010
Qualifications and experience:Trish Bramble has been a Director of the Haymarket Foundation for the past eight years.  Ms Bramble holds degrees in management and adult education from the University of Technology Sydney, and has spent her career working in the Community Services Sector.  Trish is an experienced NFP executive who has led multiple services and change initiatives, and currently sits as the Chairwoman of Homelessness NSW.
Dr Stephen WilsonDirector
Date appointed:20th August 2008
Qualifications and experience:Dr Stephen Wilson has been a Director of the Haymarket Foundation for the past ten years.  Stephen is a rehabilitation physician with clinical experience in managing the health of people suffering homelessness.  Dr Wilson is involved in teaching as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Notre Dame, and has Clinical Appointments at the Mater Hospital and the Royal North Shore Hospital.
 Mr John Sheahan (QC)Director
Date appointed:20th July 2011
Qualifications and experience:John Sheahan QC has been a Director of the Haymarket Foundation for the past seven years.  Mr Sheahan was admitted as a barrister in 1984, took silk in 1997, and has worked on many high profile cases including as Council Assisting the Special Commission of Inquiry into transactions involving James Hardie.  John is also a member of the board of governors of the Law and Justice Foundation, and was appointed to the Takeovers Panel in 2014.  John was granted a leave of absence from the Haymarket Board in May 2018 due to his commitments as part of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.