HIV/AOD Integrated Care

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HIV/AOD Integrated Care

The HIV/AOD Integrated Care service is a residential support program that provides intensive support to people experiencing homelessness, who are also living with HIV, mental health and alcohol & other drugs comorbidities. The focus of this service is to provide support to people with complex needs to improve HIV health and support the stabilisation of substance misuse.

The HIV/AOD Integrated care program was established in 2009 and is a unique partnership between five agencies; The Haymarket Foundation, The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, ADAHPS, the SESLHD HIV Outreach team, and the Sydney LHD’s Positive Central.

This integrated approach to support across the partnership is crucial to the continuity of support, which begins when a client first accesses the residential service at the Haymarket Foundation and continues in an outreach capacity once the person stabilises or leaves the intensive residential program.

The programs strength lies in an integrated approach across services whilst prioritising a client’s quality of life. Having a no retreat policy ensures that due to complexities clients may re-enter the program and new pathways and interventions can be identified due to a client’s changing needs.

Service details

Opening hours: The HIV/AOD Integrated Care program is a 24-hour service.

Entry Criteria: The HIV/AOD Integrated care program is open to any person over the age of 18 who is experiencing homelessness, living with HIV, and is currently using drugs and alcohol.  We are an inclusive service that works using a harm reduction framework.

Accessing the Haymarket Centre: You can access the HIV/AOD Integrated service via a warm referral to ADAHPS from your case worker from an external service, or by calling the number below to see if we have a vacancy.  Admission to the program starts with an initial assessment with one of our case workers.  If there is a vacancy, this will be followed by a face-to-face intake and assessment on site.

Location: 137-139 Regent Street Chippendale, NSW 2008.

Phone: Freecall 1300 029 202 (open 24-hours).

Direct Number: (02) 9197 9702


This service is funded by the South East Sydney Local Health District.