A good bed for a restful night’s sleep

April 27, 2022

When people come to the Haymarket Foundation’s crisis accommodation facility in Chippendale, they are usually grateful for a roof over their heads.

Now their stay is more comfortable, with new mattresses in the bedrooms.

“It means a lot to have these new mattresses,” says Johnathan, who slept rough before coming to the Haymarket Foundation. “They are comfortable, for a good night’s sleep.”

The new mattresses have been paid in part by a grant from StreetSmart – and the Haymarket Foundation sincerely thanks them for their ongoing support and commitment.

Johnathan has been with the Haymarket Foundation for around nine months, after a family breakdown.

Now he’s got a job doing factory work in Blacktown – and hopes to spend time with his daughters, who are 4 and 6 years old.

“I want to get my own place so I can have my kids with me,” says Johnathan, who is originally from New Zealand. “We are able to talk, but in order for me to see them, the court needs to see I am in a stable place.”

He co-owns a property with his ex-partner on the Central Coast and hopes to set up a home in Sydney, near his employer.

“I’m hoping to become an Australian citizen, so that I can be considered for social housing,” he says. “It is quite a long process too and it costs a lot – around $5,000.”

Around 60% of our current residents, including New Zealanders, are “non-residents”, leaving them ineligible for social housing and social security benefits and prolonging their homelessness. A significant proportion are refugees.

“A safe space, a comfortable bed and good food are essential to give our residents the dignity they deserve,” says the Manager of Homelessness Services, Camilla Williams. “From that, we can help people re-build their lives.”

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