A home of one’s own

April 8, 2021

Any time a person who has experienced homelessness get a permanent home, it’s a cause for celebration.

But this time is different: nine clients of the Haymarket Foundation have moved out, or are in the process of doing so, at the same time. Plus their own accommodation will be in a suburb of their choosing.

“This is huge: it has never happened before on this scale and in this way,” says Senior Case Manager at the Haymarket Foundation Deborah Jurd.

“It’s beautiful to see these people who have been homeless to get a choice about where they want to live and a place which has new furniture and belongings,” she says.

The package offers people a choice of accommodation through community housing providers and links them to wraparound supports.

This is part of the Together Home package, which was made available by the Department of Communities and Justice, as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One resident, Adam, says he’s overjoyed to be promised a one-bedroom place in Ashfield, after nine years of homelessness, including rough sleeping.

“I chose the area because it’s a central location and it’s close to public transport because I do want to get a job and location is important,” he says. “My dream is to be a forklift driver.

“I think it’s going to be a lot better this time. I don’t want to go through being homeless again and I’ve got some decent hobbies to keep me occupied, like reading, computer games and sometimes building models.”

Another resident, Sunara, has cycled in and out of homelessness for decades and is relieved to have a one-bedroom place in Edgecliff, near the water.

“I grew up around Bondi and my sister lives in Moore Park: it’s important to go to a place where you have community. I don’t want to go to a suburb where I don’t know anyone and have to start again.”

Sunara plans to get a therapy puppy and hopes to reconnect with other family members, including her son, when she is settled.

The Haymarket Foundation works for months and sometimes years to help people like Adam and Sunara find a permanent home. Your generous support can help stop the cycle of homelessness and disadvantage: thank you!