Behind the scenes: Christmas at the Haymarket Foundation

December 8, 2020

For many people experiencing homelessness, the Haymarket Foundation provides more than a place to stay, it is the closest thing there is to family.

In a normal year, the Foundation hosts a large Christmas lunch for up to 70 people, supported by Maddocks law firm.

“For around a decade, Maddocks staff have been volunteering at our facility in Chippendale and the company generously pays for the band, marquee, a special meal and gifts,” says the CEO of the Haymarket Foundation Peter Valpiani. “We are just so grateful for that ongoing support.”

COVID-19 means that the celebrations are somewhat more subdued this year, but there will still be a special meal and Maddocks are providing practical gifts.

“While we are a secular organisation, we make a special effort at Christmas, as it means a lot to our residents,” says Mr Valpiani. “It brings so much joy for those who often have no family, connections or means.”

Additionally, Maddocks has chosen the Foundation as one of its charity partners for its Christmas card campaign. The firm has also supported the work of the Haymarket Foundation in other ways, including through the provision of grants to help end complex homelessness.

Watch this video about the celebrations last year.

This year, in addition to a special meal, there is also a beach excursion and picnic in the lead-up to Christmas.

There are Christmas decorations up at the facility already and staff are busy preparing for the festivities.

While Christmas is a special event at the facility, the Haymarket Foundation works around the clock, every day of the year to provide meaningful support and outcomes for people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, in Sydney.

A donation of any size – from $5 to $500, or an amount of your choice – will make a tangible difference to people experiencing homelessness on Christmas Day and every other day of the year.

Your tax-deductible donation will give our residents the hope of a permanent home and the chance to be part of a community and reconnect with family.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.