A lifeline extended for non-residents

December 15, 2021

The new year will start on a brighter note for 12 non-Australian residents who were forced into rough sleeping during the second lockdown.

Government funding has been extended for their hotel-style accommodation until 10 January – and the Haymarket Foundation will continue its support of this group including asylum seekers, refugees and other non-residents.

This group are not entitled to social security or social housing.

“The residents who have been relying on this are just so grateful to have this further support,” says the CEO of the Haymarket Foundation, Peter Valpiani.

The Haymarket Foundation has been providing case management support, meals and groceries for this very vulnerable community – initially taking 20 people into emergency accommodation during the second lockdown.

There has been a 55% positive housing outcome so far. 11 people have already left the service – including some who returned to their countries of origin.

“For people who had no hope of getting social housing or government payments, some of whom have mental health and drug and alcohol issues, this is  a wonderful outcome,” says Peter Valpiani.

This COVID-19 specific support, including the cost for accommodation and an additional staff member, has been funded by the Department of Communities and Justice. The Department has introduced Emergency Accommodation support as a part of the COVID-19 response for Specialist Homelessness Services.

Sector advocacy and referrals have been facilitated through the Non-Residents Case Coordination Group.

The news was first reported in the Sydney Morning Herald