Happy WorldPride!

March 2, 2023

Former resident Ericka-Jayne with CEO Gowan Vyse (l-r)

The Haymarket Foundation is proud to be a truly diverse and inclusive organization, 365 days a year.

We have a high proportion of LGBTIQA+ community members – especially in our crisis accommodation facility in Chippendale.

In fact, we have two beds set aside for transgender residents – ensuring there aren’t barriers to accessing crisis accommodation

We have some remarkable people who have stayed with us and turned their lives around, with the support of our frontline workers.

Our ambassadors:

There are people like Ericka-Jayne who is happy to share her story – and has also been part of some advocacy in the lead-up to the State Election.

She was part of a video shown at “Housing for all: a pre-election summit on ending homelessness and confronting the housing crisis” hosted by Homelessness NSW recently.

She said that she felt like “a superstar” being part of that event.

You can read more about her connection with the Haymarket Foundation here.

We really appreciate her and everyone who shares their story – knowing only a few people will want to, or be able to take on this role.

We always make sure we reimburse people for their time and provide support in helping them to share their story safely and in a way that they feel comfortable.

Behind the scenes:

Our other superstars are largely behind the scenes – our donors, other supporters, volunteer board members and staff, many of whom have been with us for decades.

Since I’ve been CEO I’ve had the pleasure of working with our Chairperson Kevin Rozzoli, who is an amazing man: he is kind, loyal and committed to supporting people that use our services.

Incredibly, he’s been with the Haymarket Foundation almost since it began. And we’re coming up to our 50th anniversary next year!

While he was busy with board responsibilities from 1976, he also was a busy MP in the State Government and later on, Speaker of the House.

Interestingly, he was one of three Members of Parliament who ran a one of the first summits on homelessness in the 1970s. It was a real collaboration across the major parties.

You can read a profile of him here.

We’re grateful for his incredible support of the Haymarket Foundation in terms of his time, care and intellect – and for sharing why he is leaving a gift in his Will to us.

If you are considering making a Will – the Haymarket Foundation has partnered with Gathered Here, Australia’s most trusted online will provider.

You can access a free online Will, with unlimited updates for life.

Write your will now

In it, there will be a chance to leave a lasting legacy – you can choose to leave a gift in your Will to the Haymarket Foundation.

Thank you for your support,

Gowan Vyse