Making room for non-Australian residents

September 3, 2021

Twenty people who have no income and are not entitled to social security have been given a lifeline for the duration of Sydney’s second lockdown.

The Haymarket Foundation is coordinating emergency accommodation, food and support services to help those who have become homeless and are unable to access other services – including international students, asylum seekers and refugees.

These extra clients have been housed in apartment-style accommodation near the Haymarket Foundation in Chippendale.

“People are just so relieved to have somewhere safe,” says the Manager of Homelessness Services and Clinical Lead, Grace Rullis.

The Foundation is providing case management support. Meals and groceries are being provided by OzHarvest.

“People have settled in well and the team are making sure that they are connected with services which can help support them, once the lockdown is finished,” she says.

As they are non-residents, these individuals are not entitled to government housing or benefits.

This COVID-19 specific support, including the cost for accommodation and an additional staff member, has been funded by the Department of Communities and Justice. The Department has introduced Emergency Accommodation support as a part of the COVID-19 response for Specialist Homelessness Services.

Sector advocacy and referrals have been facilitated through the Non-Residents Case Coordination Group.

The story also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald

Your generous support can help support people at-risk of or experiencing homelessness – thank you for your generosity and kindness.