Our best performance yet

April 27, 2022

A proud day: (l-r) Quality Coordinator Valda Allen, Team leader Dinsel Davies, Case Manager Rory Jackson and Operations Manager Gabi De Knock

The Haymarket Foundation has been commended for its response to the pandemic in its most recent assessment by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Every four years, a full assessment is carried out on all health service providers – including hospitals – with government funding dependent on this.

The ACHS board approved that the Foundation maintain its accreditation status and in addition, that it be accorded an Extensive Achievement rating for the COVID-19 leadership exercised by the organisation internally and within the sector as a whole.

This is the first time an Extensive Achievement rating has been achieved in any category by the Haymarket Foundation in the 15 years these assessments have been carried out.

“I can not emphasise how exceptional is this rating, for any organisation,” says the Haymarket Foundation’s Quality Coordinator, Valda Allen, who oversaw the accreditation process. She paid special tribute to the CEO, Peter Valpiani for his significant leadership in the COVID response.

Our people:

Valda Allen has an extensive background in nursing, safety, compliance and teaching.

The surveyors also made special mention of the Haymarket Foundation’s Clinical Psychologist, Carlos Duarte, for the internal benchmarking data for Drug and Alcohol Counselling Service

The surveyors noted his benchmarking of the PREMS (‘Yes’) survey, exceeds all those of the Department of Health’s.

“This success is a credit not only to the leadership, but to the collaborative efforts of all of our staff . It is all the more commendable, given it has been achieved after more than two years of the COVID pandemic,” says Valda Allen. “It is no mean feat.”

Formal confirmation of the survey results from the board of ACHS were made in late May.